The maintenance and repair of your Acura vehicle are important to us. Our experienced technicians take the time to welcome you, to discuss your needs and the repairs to be done. Because they know Acura products inside and out, they get right to the point. Along the way, they contact you to let you know the status of the work on your vehicle. When you arrive, they'll give you a complete tour of your vehicle, a list of repairs and newly installed parts. Before you leave, they give you maintenance tips as well. It’s that simple at Acura Montréal Center for exceptional after-sales service.


At Acura Montréal Center, we have taken several important steps to provide a clean and healthy environment for our customers and employees. Currently, we pay special attention to all of our customer contact points. Several times a day, we disinfect the customer payment area, the credit card machine, the waiting room chairs, as well as the customer exchange areas.

To avoid contact with your vehicle, our service team wears gloves throughout the work. They also change gloves between each vehicle, ensuring that nothing passes from one vehicle to another. Acura Montréal Center also uses disposable seat and steering wheel covers as well as gear shift covers. When working inside your vehicle, our staff does not touch any high contact surfaces.

After maintenance and repairs are completed, your vehicle is disinfected by our service team. From your keys and steering wheel to your doors and mirrors, we make sure everything you touch is disinfected before you receive your vehicle.

Our employees wash and disinfect their hands constantly, and we have a "no handshaking" policy in place. We value our customers and want you to feel safe at your dealership.

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You can always expect warm greetings and personalized treatment, just know that we are doing everything we can to ensure your safety. We have also implemented social distancing and offer services that eliminate interpersonal contact as much as possible. You can leave your keys in the drop box the day before or on the day of your appointment. Once the work is completed, you can pay online and pick up your keys at the reception desk.

Beyond these sanitary measures, Acura Montréal's Center team of technicians ensures that your vehicle receives all the attention it deserves. Our computerized equipment and the dexterity of Acura Montréal's Center experts ensure impeccable work and guaranteed repairs with original parts. A detailed sheet of the work done will be given to you upon your departure. Acura Montréal Center doesn't do things like others. It makes sure that your vehicle gives you the pleasure you crave for a long time... a very long time.



If you've been unlucky and your Acura vehicle has been scratched or bulged, we can help you at Acura Montréal Center. We offer you a wide range of body shop repair services at very affordable prices. Our technicians dedicated to this service are competent and love their work.

At Acura Montréal Center, our body shop service is offered by experts who specialize in Acura products with continuous training. They use only genuine Acura parts in all their repairs as well as state-of-the-art equipment that ensures the quality of their work.

No matter what the current damage on your body, you can trust the team of experts at Acura Montréal Center. Our modern facilities allow our teams to carry out unparalleled jobs. Your Acura vehicle will shine again as soon as it leaves our body shop centre.

At Acura Montréal Center, we are able to work with insurance companies in addition to giving you an estimate before work begins. For a quality and affordable body shop service in the greater metropolitan area, trust Acura Montréal Center, the one that's always on the road with you!

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