Acura is renown for its obsession for enhancing its cars’ precision and performances. Acura Canada mixes business with pleasure by building cars that offer brute strength without sacrificing comfort and utility.

What’s the story of the car manufacturer that has been combining luxury and performance since 1986? Your Acura dealership informs you about the brand’s strengths, the models to keep in mind and their evolution over the years.

Acura: Generations of Renown Cars

 In the 1980s, Honda decided to get into the production of luxury cars in an economy that was still focused on utility cars. At that moment, the Acura was born in about sixty dealerships spread throughout North America in 1986.

Their first two cars, the Acura Legend and the Acura Integra, were a complete success. The technical and aesthetic features of the first generation of Acura Legend gave it the chance to root itself in the market. It won the Car and Driver’s 10Best award three years in a row from 1988 to 1990, as well as winning the imported car of the year award in 1987.

The attention to detail, the interior’s touches of wood and leather and the cutting-edge performances convinced even the sceptical: Honda aimed for the luxury car market and was doing an exceptional job. With reliable cars that were quite affordable and gave a luxurious experience for a lower price than the competing [brands], Acura became a critical success barely a few years after its entrance in that market.

The release of the second generation of Acura Legend in 1991 was accompanied by the Acura NSX sports car and the Acura Vigor family car, placing the manufacturer in a favourable position for the following years.

1991 first generation red acura NSX

1st gen Acura NSX

Acura Integra: A Cross Between Driving Comfort and Pure Performance

The Acura Integra for its part, was a compact car that gave motorists a sporty sensation. It even brought the name of an engine that needs no introduction: the VTEC engine.

First appearing in the manufacturer’s motorcycles, Honda decided to equip it in their cars, starting with the Integra’s second generation, released in 1989. The function of a VTEC engine (Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control) accomplished the exploit of giving more speed to the car while still optimizing its fuel consumption for this level of power.

The control of the engine’s valves allows to get more air in and out of the engine, which increases its compression force and power when reaching high speeds.

While the Acura Legend aimed for a clientele that wanted a luxurious experience with a prestigious comfort, the Acura Integra had to be as light as possible to resemble race cars.

Acura entered the sports and luxury car market barely forty years ago, and their first two cars paved the way for what we know today.

first generation acura MDX in black
First gen Acura MDX

The 2022 Acura MDX even won the 2022 best luxury mid-size SUV award, given by The Car Guide:

“It must be said that the suspensions were completely rebuilt for a better handling on the road, which was, without a doubt, one of this model’s best surprises.”

Acura in the Modern Era: Different Names, Same Cars

This board will help you understand which modern Acura cars replaced those that we initially knew.

First Name

Current Name

Acura Integra

Acura ILX

Acura Legend

Acura RL/RLX

Acura Vigor

Acura TL

The Acura Integra for its part, makes a grand return at your car dealership in Montreal! With its technical features, fans of the car will find:

  • An A-Spec version with 6-speed manual transmission
  • Optional adaptive shock absorbers
  • A structural stiffness revised upward
  • A 1.5-liter turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine

William Clavey from RPM describes the Acura Integra’s drivability:

“The Acura is truly state of the art with the calibration of its chassis, especially on a winding road. You can trust the car to quickly follow a curve.”

Acura Montréal Centre: Find Your Next New or Used Acura!

In the heart of the city, near Laval and Longueuil, your next car or Acura SUV is there! We have a vast inventory of models available:

  • Acura ILX
  • Acura RDX
  • Acura MDX
  • Acura TLX
  • Acura RLX
  • And much more!

For the elegance, luxury, reliability and comfort of an Acura, don’t wait any longer and come visit us for a test drive!

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