High-quality services shouldn’t stop the very moment you leave the dealership with your brand-new vehicle. Buying your car at a dealership that offers good after sale services will give you the opportunity to save a lot of time and money while keeping your car properly maintained.

At Acura Montreal Centre, we can assure you that your Acura car will stay as beautiful as it was on the first day. An outstanding service is our number one priority. Come and find out more about our numerous services and the many Acura benefits that come with them.

All the Acura Services You Could Ever Need!

Our team has your satisfaction at heart, that’s why we offer a wide range of after sale services that will give you everything you need to get the most out of your Acura vehicle. Contact us right now if you need:

  • A maintenance plan particularly adapted to the model you drive
  • New accessories for your vehicle
  • Acura parts that will enhance and optimize your car
  • And a whole lot more!

At Acura Montreal Centre, it’s our greatest pride to be able to help you and give you the assistance you and your car need.

An Economical Maintenance that Goes Straight to the Point

When your car needs maintenance or repairs, the Acura Montreal Centre team will be there to give you the most efficient services there are.

Our employees know everything there is to know about Acura products. This expertise allows them to easily understand your vehicle’s needs and present you with a detailed list of necessary repairs and maintenance tasks.

Furthermore, while we have your vehicle in our shop, you can be sure that we’ll keep you up to date with the state of every repair and task undertaken. It’s important to us that you always have a good idea of what’s happening with your Acura.

Finally, when it’s time to get your vehicle back, we’ll give you a detailed list of every repair and replacement accomplished, so that you fully understand what you’re paying for.

We only use parts directly from the manufacturer and that’s why we can guarantee full Acura quality every time you visit.

Bodywork Services to Give Your Car Its Shine Back

At Acura Montreal Centre, we understand that accidents happen. If your Acura’s body has scratches or bumps, you can trust our team of experts to quickly bring it back to its original Acura look.

Acura Montreal Centre’s experts are trained to work specifically on vehicles from the Japanese manufacturer’s lineup. Continuous training ensures that they’re always up to date with the latest techniques and technologies used on each new Acura.

In addition to offering services of the highest quality, we also work directly with insurance companies. We’ll be able to give you a complete estimate of the costs, and repairs needed before we even start working on your vehicle.

Our mission is to ensure that your Acura’s repairs are as smooth as possible. We can offer the fastest and most efficient services currently available on the market. We’ll do our best so that you find working with us as easy and stress free as possible.

You Want to Add More on Your Acura? No Problem!

You want to add something new on your Acura? Acura Montreal Centre can help you optimize your driving experience and add all the accessories you could ever want. Depending on your vehicle, we’ll be able to offer a wide variety of equipment, directly from the manufacturer, such as:

  • A trailer hitch
  • A bike rack
  • New wheel rims
  • And a lot of other possible options!

So, whether you’re driving an Acura MDX SUV or an Acura TLX sedan, we’ll have something to bring your vehicle to new heights. Contact us as soon as possible to learn more about the available accessories for your car.

The Acura Montreal Centre Touch

At Acura Montreal Centre, your safety is important to us, and we’re not only talking about keeping you safe while out on the road. When we’re done working on your vehicle, we’ll sanitize it completely before letting you take it back.

Our services are designed so that you can avoid human contacts as much as possible. You can drop your keys in a deposit box and retrieve them at the reception: it’s as simple as that.

We want you to leave our dealership with absolutely no worries. The best services in the Greater Montreal area include the certainty of a job well done!

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