The choice of a car dealer is based on a number of elements, the main ones being a warm and courteous welcome, exceptional service and the quality of information received. The customer experience must extend from the moment they enter the showroom to the after-sales service, including sound advice and the establishment of a close, long-term relationship.

Quality, Quality and More High Quality!

Acura Montreal, in the heart of the city, near Laval and Longueuil, knows the requirements of its customers and offers you the quintessence of customer service. It welcomes you with consideration and respect, shows courtesy and accompanies you throughout your purchase process. Because the advisers at the new Acura Montreal Center are attentive to your needs and expectations, they present you with the best options available on the Acura market and guide you in the final choice of your dream vehicle. 

With its line of superior quality products, Acura Montreal Centre does not hesitate to showcase its ILX, TLX, RLX, RDX, Acura MDX and its fabulous NSX performance car. All these models ending in "X" not only form a perfect harmony at Acura, but are signs of precision, performance and power. In fact, the Acura logo clearly shows this caliper, a precise and accurate measuring instrument with the exceptional idea of highlighting the outstanding quality of the brand's vehicles. That's what people at Acura do!

Acura Montreal subscribes to these standards of quality and demonstrates it every day with its customers. Its web showcase is attractive, customer service is impeccable, its advisers answer all your questions with detail and precision, and the experts in after-sales service take care of your vehicle by performing regular maintenance as well as any necessary repairs. With professionalism and attention to detail, they take care of your vehicle and ensure its reliability and durability. Thanks to our attentive after-sales service, the experts at Acura Montreal take care of you and your vehicle from A to Z.

Offering exceptional service is what sets Acura Montreal apart from many of its competitors in the automotive industry. With no fanfare, the people at Acura Montreal Centre are competent, efficient and know what they're talking about. Luxury vehicles are experiencing a resurgence in Quebec and Canada because they are affordable, but also efficient, powerful and refined. 

With its competitive prices and financing solutions adapted to your needs, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to the purchase or lease of your next Acura vehicle. Our advisers will answer all your questions and take the time to explain the features of the vehicle as well as the novelties available to you. For example, the completely redesigned Acura RDX currently occupies a prominent place in the showroom and, with its innovative features and even sportier look, it stands out from the previous model.

Acura Montreal: A Dealership Like No Other!

In short, Acura Montreal is this combination of elements that gives prominence to impeccable customer service and brings quality to exchanges and information. The customer remains our priority now and always! Acura Montreal, an exceptional dealership in the heart of the city near Laval and Longueuil. Come and discover the wealth and talent of a team which likes to do things in the right order, but which surpasses itself on a daily basis and offers you the best prices in town and the most advantageous financing solutions on the market; Acura Montreal Centre for life!