Caring for your car means maintaining it on a regular basis to keep it in top shape. To do so, the Acura Service professionals at your dealership are the best people to call.

This department offers a wide range of services, including maintenancerepairs, including body work, cleaning and installation of certified parts and accessories.


Whether you own a brand-new Acura or a used Acura, maintenance is key to keep it for a long time. As the experts explain in the 2022 Car Guide:

“Car maintenance is a bit like a good mattress. It doesn't look like it, but it gives the vehicle owner peace of mind!”

Some procedures are essential; you will find their recommended frequency in the guide provided by the manufacturer. As a general rule, it is recommended to regularly:

  • Change the oil (at least once a year) 
  • Change the filter at the same time 
  • Change the coolant when necessary
  • Inspect mechanical components

In some cases, you can do this yourself. However, taking advantage of the service department's expertise saves you time and avoids possible mistakes.


When it comes to repairs, they are best left to your Acura dealer's technicians. They are trained and specialized in taking care of Acura vehicles, and they know all about the specifics. 

When something goes wrong, whether it's a major accident or a minor incident, the bodywork is usually the first to take a hit. Acura technicians will take care of your car by treating:

  • Bumps 
  • Bulges
  • Scratches 
  • Windows and windshields 
  • Rust

To get your Acura looking like new again, entrust it to the service department. State-of-the-art equipment ensures that your car is restored quickly and efficiently.


When you have your Acura serviced or when a part fails, going to your Acura service department is the best choice. They only use genuine parts to replace the ones you have.

This isn't a minor detail: using genuine parts and accessories keeps your car in good condition, much longer. It also optimizes performance and efficiency - who better to design what goes into an Acura than Acura?

You have not suffered any damage, but would like to improve your vehicle? The service department also offers a number of accessories to personalize your vehicle. Optimize your Acura by choosing from a wide range of accessories, including:

  • All-weather or high-end rugs 
  • A luggage cover 
  • Distinctive wheels 
  • Roof accessories 
  • Running boards 
  • Towing package 
  • And much more  

The Acura team will help you find the parts and accessories you need and will take care of the installation for you. Make an appointment and tell us what we can do for you.


Spring is approaching and you'll want to think about giving your car a thorough cleaning and inspection, paying attention to any damage the winter may have caused. Pay attention to the interior of your Acura as well: dirt and dust are not only unpleasant for you, they can damage the materials of your car.

Not sure what cleaning products you can use? Your car interior is made of materials such as high-quality leather, suede or wood? Don't hesitate to ask your Acura dealer for advice or make an appointment for a complete maintenance. Our technicians will also perform checks and suggest other operations if needed!

The change of season also means a change of tires: whatever your Acura model, we have a wide selection of suitable tires. We can also order the tires you are looking for if needed; don't hesitate to contact us.

For all your maintenance, repair or parts change needs, Acura Montreal Centre is at your entire disposal. Looking for cars for sale in Montreal? Browse through our new and used cars in the heart of the city, near Laval and Longueuil!

Acura mechanic repairing the brakes of a vehicle in Montreal