Buying a luxury car, whether new or used, requires care and attention to detail. We often wonder why Acura vehicles are so popular and so reliable.

The Acura dealership in Montreal tells you more about the Japanese brand's used vehicles.

Reliable Vehicles

First of all, Japanese cars are excellent vehicles found all over the world, and are the envy of many. The Japanese automaker recently emphasized that its vehicles continue to be on the road for longer and longer.

And why? For the simple reason that the Japanese, unlike many others, have a sense of precision. They are also more Cartesian than many, and have a keen eye for detail. 

Whether it's the Acura SUV or the Acura sedan car, Acura luxury vehicles are reliable, robust and durable.

Acura engineers and designers take the time to design and assemble the vehicles so that they not only perform well, but are also extremely reliable and elegant. The Japanese also know how to use the very latest innovations on the automotive market. Last but not least, they are the instigators of many technologies.

Excellent Resale Value

Speaking of these technologies, it's important to remember that, since they're based on Japanese technology and the manufacturer's meticulous attention to detail, the Acura MDX, Acura RDX and Acura TLX, for example, are vehicles whose repurchase value is well above the average for other vehicles. Used vehicle depreciation is therefore minimal. 

Like all pre-owned vehicles at Acura Montreal, they have been rigorously inspected and certified by our on-site technicians.

An Exemplary Record

Among luxury pre-owned vehicles, Acura leads the Canadian market. This fact is not misleading. The Acura models already mentioned here are popular with customers. They're a sure bet, especially when they've been pampered by the experts at Acura Service. 

On-site experts not only tell you about the advantages of driving a pre-owned Acura, they also show you the vehicle's inspection sheet, previous driving record and talk to you in more detail about the driving history.

Because these same experts like to get to the bottom of things, they're on hand to answer any questions you may have. They'll also give you advice, tell you about warranties and explain how your new vehicle works.

The Acura: Good for a Long, Long Time!

You know, a used Acura starts to age when it reaches 250,000 km of use. Before that, it's still a high-performance, powerful and elegant vehicle. In fact, many say that at 150,000 km, these used cars are better than in their early days.

What's even more remarkable is that Japanese engines are powerful yet resilient, and like fine wine, the older they get, the better they get. These vehicles, whether sedans or SUVs, are like athletes: they're trained to run for a long time and see the race through to the end. True marathon runners.

With their timeless colors, cutting-edge and innovative technological equipment, unrivalled sturdiness, and assured power, Acuras remain good vehicles. 

If you're familiar with the brand, you'll see a nice evolution. If you're not, you'll quickly understand why the Japanese brand's products are so popular when it comes to road handling.

All in all, used Acuras are an excellent choice of pre-owned vehicle; you can trust them without hesitation!  

To sum up, used Acura vehicles, including of course the Acura Type S, are popular for the following reasons:

  • They are powerful, high-performance vehicles
  • Acura pre-owned vehicles are certified
  • Acura pre-owned vehicles come with an extended warranty
  • Acura vehicles are rugged
  • Acura vehicles are durable
  • Acura vehicles have excellent resale value
  • Acura vehicles are carefully built

For all these reasons, Acura used vehicles are extremely reliable. Come and discover the full range of used Acura cars and SUVs. Take advantage of our current offers, our highly competitive prices and our advantageous financing solutions. An experienced team awaits you at Acura Montreal, in the heart of the metropolis, near Laval and Longueuil.