The Acura lineup is perfectly balanced, and SUVs and sedans coexist there in perfect symbiosis. Between a car and sport utility vehicle, which one will you choose? In this article, we’ll help you decide depending on your real needs.

Why Choose an Acura SUV?

People often choose to get a sport utility vehicle because of how versatile they are.

Generally, we decide to get an SUV when the family gets bigger. SUVs give you more space for the occupants and its cargo volume allows you to carry more luggage and equipment.

In addition, Acura SUVs with all-wheel drive ensure you can handle all sorts of road conditions, including any bad weather that Nature throws at you. With their elevated ground clearance, SUVs are safer and sturdier than many sedans.

Moreover, it’s often said that this kind of vehicle is ideal for people with an active lifestyle. We can think here of big families, adventurers, outdoor lovers and road enthusiasts.

Active families tend to find themselves on the road more often. Between Noah’s judo classes on Monday, Amelia’s gymnastics classes on Saturday, dad’s night classes at the university, or William’s hockey games on Friday night—and that’s without counting the family outings and all the rest—an SUV sure comes in handy.

In short, SUVs are popular vehicles and there are many of them on our roads. They’re safe and robust vehicles that offer you a lot of room with a good amount of cargo volume.

When it comes to SUVs, the Japanese manufacturer of luxury vehicles gives you a choice between two models:

The first is a luxury compact SUV and the second is a mid-size luxury SUV. The former has been on our roads since 2007 and the latter has made its first appearance in 2001.

The RDX SUV can count on a highly efficient powertrain that delivers a solid Acura performance, while the second gives you a choice between two very responsive powertrains. The RDX can welcome 5 occupants while the MDX fits 7 passengers comfortably, allowing them to go on long trips without getting tired.

In both cases, you’ll enjoy a refined cabin with a flawless build quality. The choice of materials demonstrates how much importance the manufacturer attaches to the most minute details.

Why Choose an Acura Car?

In 2024, sedans are still very popular with a significant number of consumers. 

Car enthusiasts generally look for comfort, sophistication and great driving dynamics in the city and on the highway.

By being lower to the ground, sedans handle turns more easily, and the seats of the Acura car are so comfortable that they guarantee the comfort of all the passengers. 

Moreover, a lower centre of gravity, as well as a quick and responsive handling, makes driving a car easier. Let’s add in passing that all-wheel drive helps keep the car in control when road conditions are more slippery, for example.

Finally, sedans are often less costly at the pump, which is great when you want to fill up the tank.

On the new Acura market, two models are currently offered:

Both these luxury sedans can make the most of a choice between two highly efficient powertrains that each deliver an excellent performance.

While the Integra luxury subcompact car has been on our roads for 38 years, the TLX luxury compact sedan has made its first appearance 9 years ago. 

Both vehicles offer impressive driving dynamics, a modern and user-friendly cabin and a Type S trim that’s completely wild.

SUV or Sedan?

In the end, you’ll choose either of these two options depending on your needs. If you have an active lifestyle and a big family, the Acura SUV is a very attractive option. 

However, if you’re looking for a luxury vehicle for a night out in town or for some lengthy trips, then the Acura car will give you your money’s worth.

In both cases, take the time to look at your driving habits before making your decision.

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