Acura vs Honda : Distinctions of luxury and innovation

Welcome to the world of Acura, where luxury, performance, and innovation come together to create vehicles that do more than just transport; they inspire. At Acura Montreal Centre, we are proud to represent a brand synonymous with excellence and avant-garde in the automotive industry. This article is your ultimate guide to understanding the nuances that make Acura a prestigious brand, distinct from its parent company, Honda, and why choosing Acura is more than a choice; it's a statement.

Recognition and excellence : Honda and Acura celebrated in Toronto

As the excitement of the Canadian International Auto Show sweeps through Toronto, Honda and Acura once again stand out, affirming their superiority in the automotive market. In a ceremony that gathers enthusiasts and automotive professionals, our brands have been honored by the Canadian black book (CBB) and ALG, receiving seven prestigious awards that highlight the exceptional residual value and best overall resale value. These distinctions reinforce our commitment to quality, reliability, and durability in our vehicles.

Gray Acura MDX outdoors in the fields. Acura Montreal Center.

Value at the heart of our promise

"The CBB and ALG value awards carry extraordinary significance for Honda and Acura," says Dave Gardner, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Honda Canada. This external recognition reflects our dedication to offering vehicles that not only meet but exceed expectations in durability, reliability, and overall quality. Owning a Honda or Acura means investing in a vehicle designed to last and maintain its value over time.

Acura MDX interior. Panoramic car roof. Acura MDX panoramic roof.

ALG distinctions : A mark of quality

The ALG Residual Value Awards honor vehicles expected to retain the highest percentage of their MSRP after a three or four-year period for luxury and mainstream brands, respectively. These awards, based on a thorough analysis of automotive performance, historical vehicle performance, and industry trends, have been bestowed upon:

  • Mainstream brand – Honda

  • High-quality brand – Acura

  • Several segments, including the Acura RDX as a high-quality compact utility vehicle

These awards are a testament to Honda and Acura's unwavering commitment to innovation, performance, and customer satisfaction.

Acura front headlight. Acura MDX light. 2024 gray Acura MDX.

Canadian black book recognition

The Canadian black book, on the other hand, provides a deep look into the value vehicles retain over time. Its "Best Residual Value Awards" are a benchmark for consumers looking to minimize the total cost of vehicle ownership. Honda and Acura stand out once again with:

  • The Honda Fit crowned in the subcompact vehicle category

  • The Odyssey and CR-V also honored, highlighting the versatility and enduring value of our range

About Honda Canada

Since its foundation in 1969, Honda Canada has not only produced over 6 million cars and trucks but has also established a symbiotic relationship with the Canadian economy, injecting more than $2.6 billion and supporting the local supplier fabric with annual purchases of nearly $1.1 billion. This deep integration demonstrates our commitment to producing superior quality vehicles while positively contributing to our community.

2024 red Acura MDX trunk with plenty of space, with the option to lower the seats for even more trunk space.

About ALG and Canadian black book

With decades of expertise, ALG and the Canadian black book have established themselves as indispensable references in the automotive industry, offering accurate analyses and reliable advice that guide both consumers and professionals. Their recognition is a source of pride for Honda and Acura, affirming our leadership position in creating vehicles that deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Answers to your questions about Acura : Clarifications and discoveries

Continuing our exploration, we will address the most frequently asked questions about the Acura brand. This section aims to dispel all uncertainties surrounding Acura, whether in terms of origin, differences with Honda, or the reputation of its vehicles in terms of quality, performance, and durability. Our goal is to provide you with precise and detailed insights, to help you understand why Acura is considered a top choice by connoisseurs of luxury and high-performance cars.

Acura MDX shift paddles. Acura sport driving.

The heritage and identity of Acura

Does Acura still belong to Honda?

Absolutely. Acura is Honda's luxury and performance division, introduced in 1986 to cater to the growing demand for luxury cars with a performance edge. The relationship between Acura and Honda is a perfect symbiosis, combining reliability and innovation.

Is Acura just a luxury Honda?

Much more than that. Acura was designed to offer a superior experience, integrating cutting-edge technological advances, bold design, and meticulous attention to detail. It's not simply a "luxury Honda," but a brand that redefines what luxury means in the automotive sector.

2024 gray Acura MDX. Acura MDX in motion on the road.

Quality and performance : The heart of Acura

Is Acura better than Honda?

Comparing Acura to Honda is to compare two distinct philosophies under the same roof. Acura emphasizes luxury, performance, and advanced technologies, providing a superior and more refined driving experience.

Are Acuras good cars?

Undoubtedly. Acura's quality is recognized worldwide, with meticulous construction, exceptional reliability, and durability that stands the test of time. Acura vehicles are designed to exceed expectations, combining impressive performance and upscale comfort.

2024 gray Acura MDX on the streets of a city in front of a large luxurious building.

Costs and maintenance : Transparency and value

Are Acuras expensive to maintain?

The cost of maintaining an Acura is designed to be as efficient and economical as possible, reflecting the brand's reliability. While owning a luxury car involves slightly higher maintenance costs, Acura continuously works to minimize these expenses without compromising quality.

2024 red Acura MDX. 2024 Acura MDX for sale at Acura Montreal Center.

Origin and manufacturing : Pride and precision

Is Acura chinese or japanese?

Acura is deeply rooted in Honda's Japanese heritage, benefiting from Japanese engineering and craftsmanship. However, Acura has established a global presence, with manufacturing facilities in North America, including Canada, for certain models.

Is Acura manufactured in Canada?

Yes, several Acura models are proudly made in Canada, highlighting local craftsmanship and contributing to the national economy while offering high-quality vehicles to our customers.

Luxurious interior of the 2024 Acura MDX. Touchscreen.

Longevity and reliability : A lasting commitment

Do Acura cars last a long time?

Durability is at the core of Acura's philosophy. Designed to endure, Acura vehicles maintain exceptional performance and reliability over the long term, offering unmatched value to their owners.

Why choose Acura?

At Acura Montreal Centre, we are dedicated to offering an unparalleled customer experience, guided by Acura's passion for excellence. Whether you're drawn to refined luxury, breathtaking performance, cutting-edge technological innovation, or unwavering reliability, Acura has something for everyone.

We invite you to discover the full range of Acura models and experience Acura for yourself. Contact us or visit our dealership to explore what it truly means to drive an Acura. It's more than a car; it's a statement of what you value.

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